I wrote a post back in 2016. https://dbdev01555.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/bang-for-the-bucket/. Which has a picture that shows what is included ”for free” if you are running Oracle Enterprise Edition 12c.

It is time to update that picture. The new one reflects Oracle Enterprise Edition 18c. On purpose, the level of detail is restricted in this picture. If I missed out any obvious areas, feedback is most welcome.

db features 18c

What has been removed and added to the picture? That is either functionality I missed pointing out last time or deprecated, or it’s a new feature for 18c.


Images/Videos – Since Multimedia is deprecated

Streams – Deprecated


  • Spatial

Oracle Locator

  • Migration

SQL developer

  • Security

Virtual Private Database


Privilege Analyse (part of Database Vault) *From 18c  backported to 12c http://www.petefinnigan.com/weblog/archives/00001448.htm

Oracle Wallet

  • PL/SQL

Qualified Expressions *From 18c

Polymorphic Table Functions *From 18c

  • Tools


  • In-Database Archiving
  • Oracle NoSQL Basic Edition
  • DataGuard
  • Security
    Real Application Security
    Transparent Sensitive Data Protection
  • Community and Resources



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