My first post, hopefully not my last.

Was following twitter and Tim Hall suggested that we should write a post about our favourite Oracle feature inspired by one of the session at OOW16.

Last year I came into a project that was about to implement a text search solution.They had been looking at some third-party tools, with no real success. The challenge was that they wanted immediate response and a correct result, when they did very complex searches. At the same time we had som heavy DML going on. So performance and correctness was the keys. I took a look at Oracle Text did a successful POC and in the end we builded the application which delivered what we wanted to achieve. PL/SQL + TEXT rocks!

Oracle Text is in Oracle Express, Oracle SE and Oracle EE, it’s not a separate license, it’s the most fantastic feature from my perspective. It solves easy problems from speeding up a simple LIKE to very data intensive complicated searches.

Thanks OTN for giving me the tools and ideas to work with.